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Recreational Accident - Lone Boat Accident Survivor Recalls Fatal Crash

During the legal career of a Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is possible to represent clients who have sustained severe personal injury or died as the result of a boating accident. Recreational accidents are some of the most upsetting, as the activity that caused personal injury is supposed to be an enjoyable one. Such is the case of the boating accident that claimed the lives of three professional football players, leaving only one survivor, Nick Schuyler. A year later, Schuyler remembers the tragic accident, discussing the recreational accident on various news shows.

The athletes were on a fishing trip off the Gulf of Mexico when their boat capsized leaving them all struggling to keep ahold of the flipped boat. It took the U.S. Coast Guard approximately forty hours to reach the scene of the recreational accident, and when they arrived, Schuyler was clinging to the motor of the capsized boat. The bodies of the men with him, Detroit Lions free-agent Corey Smith and football players Marquis Cooper and Will Bleakley, were never found.

According to Schuyler, the hardest part of the recreational accident was the first night in the water, when the hypothermia started to kick in. “People’s motor functions were starting to shut down, particularly Marquis and Corey first,” he stated in an interview. “Lot of slurring and swearing… Once again, it was hypothermia, I’ve never seen them act like that.” Schuyler explained that Cooper was the first to pass away while Smith went next cursing and threatening to attack the group as a result of the hypothermia effects. Twelve hours later, Bleakley was also dead. Even though he was the only survivor, he certainly is suffering from the consequences. “Watching three guys die in my arms (death) obviously was in the front of my mind.”

As seen by the aforementioned example, recreational accidents can cause severe personal injury or death, regardless of celebrity status. Such a case highlights the importance of paying the utmost attention to weather reports when on the water, as well as one’s surroundings. Taking these safety precautions can help prevent a boating accident from occurring. If your or a loved one have sustained personal injury in a recreational accident, it is important to seek the legal advice and legal representation of a hard-workingDetroit personal injury attorney. Doing so immediately can help ensure the best outcome for your personal injury claim.