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MI Health Matters - New Study Gets Positive Results for Victims of TBI

Throughout the legal career of an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent a number of individuals who have sustained severe personal injury or died as the result of an accident. Some of the most tragic incidents, are those that cause catastrophic injury or traumatic brain injury because these medical problems are often life-changing and irreversible. Fortunately, scientists are developing treatments for these debilitating injuries so that people can resume life as normally as possible. In recent weeks, a study was conducted that used hyperbaric oxygen as a therapy to traumatic brain injury, and received positive results.

A study conducted by the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation looked at new ways of treatingtraumatic brain injuries of military veterans, particularly those who have suffered catastrophic injury from near-battle explosions. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been successful in treating individuals who suffer from symptoms of brain decompression illness (deep-sea divers, for example) or post-traumatic stress disorder. The findings reported showed that patients who used this method to treat traumatic brain injuries had a “fifteen point increase in IQ in little over a month, a great reduction of depression, four times the expected improvements in… headaches and sleep disturbances, and great improvements in post-traumatic stress disorder. In one hospital alone, forty patients with TBI were treated using this therapy, and the success rates were between ninety to ninety-nine percent.

A trial of this therapy is set to begin within a few weeks–over one thousand eligible patients will be treated from fifteen locations nationwide. Over a period of five months, each patient will undergo eighty sessions. Individuals being treated will be able to listen to music, watch TV, sleep while in the hyperbaric chamber undergoing their pain-free treatment. Aside from the minimal discomfort, this treatment has no side-effects and can be performed many years after the accident.

Suffering from catastrophic injury or traumatic brain injury is a scary and overwhelming process for anyone to go through, as the consequences are life-altering and permanent. As a dedicated Detroit catastrophic injury lawyer, it is important to highlight new scientific and medical developments that will help victims of traumatic brain injury recover quicker, and without pain. For answers to the many questions an injured person will undoubtedly have, it is important to contact hard-working legal counsel immediately. Doing so can not only provide the best legal advice and legal representation, but also help ensure the most successful outcome for your personal injury claim.