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MI Bus Accident - Deaf Pedestrian Killed by Detroit Public Transportation Bus

During the legal career of a dedicated Detroit personal injury attorney, it is likely to represent a number of individuals who have sustained severe personal injury or died as a result of a bus-pedestrian accident. These types of incidents can be particularly devastating, as pedestrians and all types of motor vehicles need to share the road together in order to preserve general public safety. Such is the recent case of Detroit public transport bus that fatally hit a deaf pedestrian as she crossed the street.

In the early morning hours of March 2nd, a city worker for the Detroit Department of Transportation was conducting a test-drive when it struck Ethel Davis, 49, as she crossed the street. The unidentified city-mechanic, 52, was conducting a safety evaluation at the time of the incident, and it is currently unknown what factors or influences caused the bus-pedestrian accident. When emergency medical services arrived at the accident site, it was determined that Davis sustained such severe personal injury in impact, that she died on the scene of the crash.

According to documents from the Detroit Police Department, the bus-pedestrian accident occurred on the corner of Livernois and Courtland Davis roads. A witness near the accident site, a gas station attendant, stated that Davis was hit approximately two hundred yards away from the crosswalk, indicating that she took her chances darting across the street. At this time, investigators from the Detroit Police Department are investigating the upsetting and fatal bus-pedestrian accident.

As seen by the tragic example of Ethel Davis, bus-pedestrian accidents can have heartbreaking and life-changing consequences, resulting in severe personal injury or death. This incident highlights the importance of all those on the road, drivers and pedestrians alike, to be mindful of their surroundings and others using the street space. Failure to do so, can have terrible consequences. For answers to the many questions that an injured person would undoubtedly have regarding their case, it is essential to contact experienced counsel immediately. An aggressive and hard-working Detroit personal injury lawyer can help provide the best legal advice and legal representation that can ensure a successful outcome for your claim.