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Bicycle Accident - State Governor Ritter Sustains Personal Injury in Bike Accident

Practicing law in a metropolitan area, a Detroit personal injury lawyer is likely to handle cases for people who have sustained severe personal injury after being involved in a bicycle accident. Bicycle accidents, like car accidents, highlight the necessity of sharing the roadways with others, and taking necessary safety precautions to prevent injury in the event of a collision. In a recent headlining case, United States Governor Bill Ritter was rushed to a local hospital in the early Tuesday morning hours after colliding his bicycle with another one during a ride.

An experienced rider, Governor Ritter goes out on his bicycle three or four times a week, and was riding with friends at the time of the bicycle accident. According to witnesses in the riding group, Ritter’s front tire collided with another bicycle rider in the group and both fell as a result. Emergency medical crews and law enforcement officials rushed to the scene of the bicycle accident to attend to the injured. According to reports, Governor Ritter sustained numerous rib fractures, complaining of constant pain. The other rider who fell suffered a wrist injury. Fortunately, neither injury is severe and both riders are in good spirits following the bicycle accident.

Governor Ritter attributes his painful, but minor injuries to the fact that he wore a safety helmet. As seen by the aforementioned example, protective measures such as wearing a safety helmet and padding can help prevent severe personal injury. Failure to do so increases the likelihood of sustaining catastrophic injury or death in the event of a bicycle accident. Therefore, as a Detroit personal injury attorney, I highly recommend that each person riding a bicycle takes the proper precautions to protect themselves. In the event of an accident, experienced personal injury counsel can help provide not only the best legal advice and representation, but also answers to many of the questions that a client would undoubtedly have regarding their case.