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Safety Matters - Senior Center Advocates Safety Tips for Senior Drivers

During the legal career of an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is common to represent individuals who have sustained severe personal injury or died in a car accident. Unfortunately, senior citizens on the road are among those at the greatest risk for accidents, as their reaction times are generally slower and general vision and hearing has diminished. To help them avoid involvement in car accidents, a local senior citizen center is offering a three-part seminar on safety tips for older drivers.

These workshops, held over the summer, will offer safety suggestions for senior citizens to prevent car accidents, as well as provide them an opportunity to ask important issues, such as when it is appropriate to give up their driver’s license. According to senior services counselor Lorraine Kelley, “People are living longer. We need to address older drivers and how can we ensure that they will be safe when they are driving and not pose a risk to others.” As a result, the seminar encourages senior citizens to take neurological exams testing their response abilities. The first part measures the individual’s cognitive ability, while another measures the senior’s visual ability and attentiveness. The last part of the test, and probably the most telling, is performed in a driving simulator that will gauge their reaction time to actual driving scenarios.

Leaders of the driving safety seminar also intend on encouraging participants and their families to have earlier conversations about when a senior should surrender their license. It is not uncommon for a child to notice their parent’s failing driving skills either by riding in the car with them or noticing dents on the vehicle. Because giving up a driver’s license is an emotional loss, it is important to discuss with your senior where they want to go, and how they can alternatively arrive at their destination. Kelley reminded senior citizens and their families that “The point, is to limit driving, not living.”

Because senior citizens are among the most at risk for personal injury in car accidents, it is important to keep open communication between yourself and any elders in your life. Additionally, due to their often frail heath conditions, injuries sustained in car accidents can affect seniors more severely than a younger individual. After a car accident, it is important to seek the best legal advice and legal representation of an aggressive and tactful Detroit personal injury attorney immediately. Doing so can provide desperately needed answers to your personal injury questions.