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Car Accident - Charges Filed Against School Principal After Auto-Pedestrian Accident

Each day as a Michigan personal injury attorney, clients are represented that have sustained severe personal injury or death as a result of car accidents. More specifically, many of these individuals were pedestrians that had been struck by a driver who was speeding, not paying attention, or a combination of the two. Such is the example of the middle school principal who struck a student while zooming through the school parking lot.

In early January, Margaret Kantes sped through a red light while speeding through a school zone and struck Ricardo Smith, 15, as he walked through the parking lot. Immediately after the auto-pedestrian accident, she stopped to help him. However, Kantes ultimately fled the scene reporting the accident to law enforcement officials one hour later. As a result of the impact, Smith suffered a variety of severe traumatic brain injuries, as well as left-sided parathesias, post-traumatic cervical and lumbar spinal injury, pelvic fracture, and numerous contusions and lacerations.

The personal injury lawyer for the Smith family is attempting to prove in their lawsuit that Kantes has a history of speedy and negligent driving. In 2004 she admitted responsibility to speeding, as well as disregarding traffic control devices. Because of the current auto-pedestrian accident, Kantes currently has two claims against her according to the personal injury lawsuit–one for negligence and one for economic damages. The standard judgment of each count amounts to $150,000 each.

Being involved in an auto-pedestrian accident can have life changing consequences, resulting in severe personal injury or death. For your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering. To be informed of your best possible options for your personal injury, it is imperative to contact an experienced and aggressive Michigan personal injury lawyer for help. This legal advice and legal representation is invaluable to ensuring a successful outcome to your suit.