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MI Drunk Driving - MI State Police Enact 'Night Patrol' to Enforce Sober Driving and Seatbelt Use

There are two ways that motorists nationwide greatly increase their chances of being involved in a car accident resulting in personal injury or death: get behind the wheel while intoxicated, or fail to wear a seat belt while either behind the wheel or riding as a passenger. In both instances, the driver is in significant danger–intoxicated motorists are unable to drive properly and safely, while declining to wear a safety belt keeps you unrestrained and at greater risk of sustaining severe personal injury or death in an emergency situation. An experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer sees examples of this all the time, helping clients who have been injured in gruesome accidents. However, personal injury attorneys are not the only ones battling against drunk drivers and in favor of seat belt use. In counties across the State of Michigan, police departments are taking a firm stance against intoxicated and unbelted motorists beginning “safety patrol” programs geared to catch violators in the act.

Six county police departments throughout the state have joined forces to form the “Michigan Night Patrol”, created specifically to crack down on drunk drivers and motorists without a seatbelt. According to OHSP Division Director Michael Prince, police are being strict to avoid Michigan drunk driving accidents. “We want motorists to be aware that law enforcement officers are out there at night. If you drive drunk, you will be arrested,” he said.

Police formed the Michigan Night Patrol after numerous studies showed that less drivers wear a seatbelt at night. Additionally, there was a high correlation found between unrestrained drivers and alcohol-related fatalities. Officers will make regular traffic stops as necessary, but will have no tolerance for intoxicated drivers or motorists without seatbelts.

Driving while intoxicated greatly increases the risk of a serious Michigan car accident occurring, causing severe personal injury. Failing to wear a seatbelt will only make the likelihood of sustaining injury greater. Therefore, it is important always to buckle up and designate a sober driver. This will help ensure that everyone on the road arrives at their destination safely. If injured in an accident, a victim and their family will undoubtedly be left with many questions. For answers, as well as the highest quality legal advice and legal representation, it is essential to contact a hard-working Detroit drunk driving lawyer immediately. Not hesitating in retaining legal counsel can help ensure that your personal injury claim receives the best outcome possible.