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MI Drunk Driving - CMU Band Director Busted for Second DUI

Throughout the legal career of a dedicated Detroit personal injury lawyer, it is not unusual to represent a several individuals who have sustained personal injury or died in a car accident. Even if no one sustains injury, some of the most unfortunate of these incidents are alcohol-related, as designating a sober driver can avoid both hurting others and legal problems. However, law enforcement officials fortunately have cracked down on drunk driving, catching intoxicated persons before they can cause an accident. The circumstances are similar in a recent case where the Central Michigan University’s marching band director was busted for his second DUI within the last couple of years.

CMU’s band director, James Batcheller, 50, was arrested by law enforcement officials for driving while intoxicated in October 2009. He pled guilty to the drunk driving charges, and was sentenced last week to ten days in jail, and to pay approximately $2,000 in fines. Additionally, Batcheller received 24 months probation, as this is not his first DUI bust. The leader of the Marching Chips was previously arrested in February 2007 on driving while intoxicated charges, and had previously served jail time because of it.

Batcheller expressed deep regret for his actions, stating that he has struggled with a drinking problem for a several years. “I’m glad to say with the support of friends, family, and counseling, I am in recovery and addressed those issues,” he explained publicly. Despite his personal problems, he will retain his position as the CMU marching band director, a job he’s held since 2000. According to the dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts, Salma Ghanem, “As much as we are aware, there has been no problems in terms of his work. His job performance has not been affected in any way.” Regardless, the matter continues to be investigated both by law enforcement officials and the university.

Driving while intoxicated poses a serious threat not only to the motorist, but also to everyone else on the road. Getting behind the wheel while drunk greatly increases the likelihood of an accident occurring that will result in severe personal injury or death. Forutnately, police caught up with Batcheller before he could hurt himself or anyone else. Most however, are not that lucky. If you or a loved one sustained injury in a car accident, many questions undoubtedly will linger. For complete answers, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, it is essential to contact a hard-working and trustworthy Detroit drunk driving lawyer for assistance. Doing so as soon as possible can help ensure the most positive outcome for your personal injury claim.