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MI Bicycle Accident - Fatal MI Bicycle Accident Prompts Safety Measures to be Taken

As the seasons change and the temperatures warm, an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer is likely to represent a number of people who sustained serious personal injury or died while outside enjoying simple and everyday activities. Walking or riding a bike near busy roadways is particularly dangerous as most motorists are negligent to their surroundings, especially when exiting a freeway. The circumstances are similar for a recent case where a Davidson teen was struck by a motorist while riding his bicycle in Burton, Michigan.

Just three days following his fifteenth birthday, Evan Anger was riding his bicycle with his friends to a local convenience store to pick up candy and soda. As they rode near Court Street and I-69 and over the catwalk into the street, a westbound car slammed into him. Tragically, Angers died as a result of the Michigan bicycle accident. However, he was not the first to be injured at the intersection. In September, Burton residents, the Dunlap’s, complained about the intersection to the city after their son was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Fortunately, he sustained relatively minor and treatable injuries as a result.

Despite numerous complaints from the Dunlaps and the Angers regarding the dangerous intersection, the city of Burton neglected to take any preventive measures. In her grief and anger, Carissa Anger pleaded with the council to put bicycle safety measures on their agenda, promising to return to every meeting until the problem was fixed. “I am begging you council members to address this at this meeting because I do not want to come back here again. I don’t want to relive this again,” Angers stated. Fortunately, the council listened, and unanimously voted to put a fence on city property that will encourage bicyclists to avoid Court Street, and prevent bicycle accidents from occurring.

Being involved in a bicycle accident is a traumatic experience for anyone to go through, regardless of age. As seen by the tragic example of Evan Angers, if motorists are not paying the utmost attention to pedestrians and bicyclists as they cross the street, severe personal injury or death can ensure. Such situations will undoubtedly leave the victim and their family with many questions. For answers, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, it is essential to contact a hard-working and trustworthy Detroit bicycle accident lawyer immediately. Not hesitating to do so can help provide the most successful outcome for your personal injury claim.