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Side Impact Crashes in Farmington Hills, MI

Types of Side Impact Collisions

Some side impact accidents occur when a driver attempts to change lanes while another vehicle is occupying the lane adjacent to them. These "sideswipe" accidents can cause spin-outs and other major incidents. Also, when a motorist fails to yield or stop for another vehicle travelling across their path, the resulting car accident can be devastating.

Also known as "T-bone" accidents, these side impact crashes are common intersection collisions and are often caused by distracted, tired or drunk drivers. Should such a crash occur, especially at high speeds, catastrophic injury is very possible as well as the possibility of wrongful death. Over the past three decades in the United States, side impact crashes have become the second most common cause of fatalities in passenger cars every year.

In a side impact collision, broken bones and brain injury are likely, as are neck, back and spinal cord injuries. If you or someone you know has been in a side impact crash, you may be suffering from serious loss and/or injuries, and thus may be entitled to compensation. An experienced car accident attorney can help you win the full settlement that you deserve.

Make sure you are compensated!

Medical care for such cases of personal injury can be unaffordable for most motorists unless adequate coverage is offered through insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies are usually unwilling to offer maximum compensation unless they absolutely must do so. They may try to tell injured victims that they are already offering all the coverage possible, or even threaten their clients in order to save money. Such actions are illegal, so make sure to speak with a qualified attorney to help ensure that you recover the highest amount possible for your injuries.

You cannot afford to settle for the often lowball offer that insurance companies will give you, especially when you have to seek treatment for serious injury. If you or any passengers in your car are suffering from another driver's error or recklessness, then you are entitled to restitution to help you through this rough time in your life. At Abrahams Law, you will find a qualified car accident attorney who can successfully fight for your rights.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Farmington Hills

Are you looking for a car accident attorney? Abrahams Law has been in practice for more than 20 years. Having successfully handled several multi-million dollar cases, I have proven my skill and competence. My AV® rating means that I have been recognized by my peers for working with high ethical standards and exceptional legal ability. I take the time to build a personal relationship with each client and provide them with excellent communication.

If you are looking for a car accident attorney who will care for you and still be able to aggressively fight on your behalf, fill out a free case evaluation!

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