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Farmington Hills Car Accident Lawyer: Intersection Accidents

Were you injured in an intersection accident?

Intersections are the sites of a majority of car accidents. Drivers get distracted, confused by traffic signals or signs, and rush through intersections when lights have already turned. When these things happen, accidents often occur. Due to the high rate of speed, an intersection accident can cause damaging injuries. Head on collisions, T-bone impacts and multiple vehicle accidents can happen in an instant. The top five high frequency intersections for accidents in the metro Detroit area are:

  • Ford Rd. at Haggerty Rd.
  • Southfield Rd. at 11 Mile Rd.
  • 12 Mile Rd. W at Orchard Lake Rd.
  • 12 Mile Rd. at Dequindre Rd.
  • Garfield Rd. at 19 Mile Rd.

These intersections are the location of over 60 accidents each per year.

If you have been involved in an intersection accident, you need effective and experienced legal representation to protect your rights and recover any compensation that may be due to you. Don't attempt to negotiate the minefield of a claim on your own. Higher insurance rates, unpaid medical bills, unrecovered lost wages, and decreased enjoyment of life the result of failing to have a professional address all matters in an accident claim.

At Abrahams Law, my focus is on your accident case. I am dedicated to representing you in any matter which affects your accident case. I have recovered millions of dollars in damages for my clients and have been recognized as one of the top lawyers in the metro Detroit area in 2010, 2011 and 2013 by DBusiness Magazine. Remember that insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize the amount they have to pay out in a claim. Insurance companies will frustrate your efforts to resolve a claim in your favor at every stage of your case.

When I am retained by you as your lawyer in an accident case, I will take every step necessary to increase your recovery, and I will do so in a professional, ethical and highly competent way. See what my clients say about me in their own words. Accidents can happen at any time of the day or night, and that is why my phone lines are manned to accept your calls at any time of the day or night. Please, if you have been in an accident, don't delay in calling my office. Don't attempt to deal with the insurance company or law enforcement by yourself. I have represented injured drivers and passengers for over twenty years. I will help you protect your rights and guide you through the maze of litigation that commonly ensues after an accident. Call me today so that we can discuss your case.

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