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Farmington Hills Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Hit by an intoxicated driver in Farmington Hills?

Every year, more than 15,000 people die in alcohol-related car accidents, which accounts for more than 30% of the annual auto accident fatality rate. When police officers pull someone over under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), the suspect will likely be asked to perform a series of standard field sobriety tests (SFST). Should they fail any of these tests, the officer may ask them to submit to a blood- or breath-test to determine their blood-alcohol content (BAC). When a person's BAC is above 0.08%, they are considered to be legally incapable of operating a motor vehicle. It only takes a few drinks on average to reach this point, yet every day there are people who recklessly choose to drive after consuming alcohol or controlled substances.

The resulting damage and personal injury can be severe. Many drunk drivers cause accidents by swerving out of their lane and hitting another motorist head-on, which can result in brain injury or spinal cord injury. Hit-and-run cases are also common, where the driver carelessly leaves the scene of the accident before help can arrive. Also, since alcohol-related accidents are the leading cause of fatalities in car crashes, wrongful death could very well occur. No one who experiences such pain and suffering because of a negligent drunk driver should have to pay for the damage or for their injuries. Call a Farmington Hills drunk driving accident attorney my firm today for caring counsel and aggressive representation after a drunk driving accident.

Looking for a car accident lawyer in Farmington Hills?

Are you searching for a car accident attorney in Farmington Hills or Farmington Hills, Michigan? Over the past 20 years, I have succeeded in winning millions of dollars in compensation for my clients; I have even handled cases that had seven figures in and of themselves. As an AV® rated, Top Lawyer in 2013 and from 2010-2011, I could provide extensive knowledge and excellent representation for those who have been injured by a drunk driver. Learn this for yourself by scheduling a free case evaluation with me as soon as possible. You need a skilled and experienced lawyer in order to obtain the highest possible payout, so call our Farmington Hills injury firm today to find out how I could fight for you.

Get the representation you need to win the compensation you deserve. Contact a Farmington Hills drunk driving accident attorney from Abrahams Law today.

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