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Distracted Driving Accidents in Farmington Hills, MI

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The next time you are riding in a car, take a moment to look around you at the drivers of the other vehicles. Notice how many of them are not looking at the road, but are instead looking down at their cell phones. A large percentage of people in today's society have become glued to the screens of their smart phones, checking them constantly, using them to send and receive text messages and emails, to surf the web, use social media and even watch videos on the go. Many of these people lack the discipline and responsibility to know that the moment they get behind the wheel, it is time to put the phone down and focus on the road.

Information About Texting While Driving

Michigan has a statewide ban on texting for all drivers. This ban is categorized for primary enforcement, which means that a police officer can pull you over for texting while driving without any other cause for a traffic stop. That is how important the state legislature has made it for law enforcement to crack down on distracted driving. The statistics show that 3,980 car accidents were caused by distracted drivers in 2010, per the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.

Texting while driving is dangerous, and it does not matter if the driver thinks that he or she is somehow special and can safely get away with it. A study performed at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) found that in the time it takes to send or receive an average text message—4.6 seconds—a driver who is travelling at 55 miles per hour will cross the entire length of a football field, essentially blind to what is going on around the car. Another VTTI study found that texting behind the wheel increases the risks of an accident by 23 times. A Carnegie Mellon report included the fact that cell phone use on the road reduces the amount of brain activity available for driving by 37 percent.

Holding Distracted Drivers Accountable

If you have been the victim in a distracted driving accident, you have no time to waste in obtaining a reliable Farmington Hills car accident lawyer today. You deserve dedicated and qualified legal representation, and I am prepared to do everything I can to help you achieve maximum compensation. For those that have lost loved ones to an untimely death in a car accident, I am also experienced as a wrongful death attorney. We can work together to help find the financial restitution you need to pay for certain expenses such as lost wages, pain, and even funeral costs.

Given these statistics and obvious risks, it is clear that texting while driving is simply not safe. If you have been injured in a car crash, you need a lawyer for your car accident case in Michigan. If a distracted driver caused an accident that injured you or a loved one, contact Abrahams Law now for a free consultation with a car accident lawyer who can fight for your right to compensation.

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