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Seat Belt Injuries in Farmington Hills

Car Accident Lawyer

Most people know that seat belts keep you safer on the road, but many do not find out the danger of these restraints until they are in an accident themselves. In many cases, seatbelts are proven to keep you safer, helping prevent death in as much as 45% of cases, according to various studies. In other cases, however, seat belts can cause or add to injury. If a seatbelt is defective, then you may be able to pursue a settlement for your injuries, compensating your for pain and suffering and medical bills. An experienced car accident attorney can help you determine if you can file a claim for a traffic accident or auto product liability. At Abrahams Law, can find the outstanding legal counsel you need with a personal injury lawyer or with a Farmington Hills wrongful death lawyer.

Common Seat Belt Injuries

The injuries sustained from a seat belt are not always immediately evident. As with any car accident, it is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible. This is especially the case if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Blood in urine and/or stool
  • Troubled breathing
  • Stiff or sore neck
  • Weak legs

It is possible that any of these are pointing to internal injuries, which are usually serious. Many severe injuries can be sustained from a seat belt in a collision. You could find yourself with spinal injury due to your lap belt. If the impact is hard enough, then you have a sprained back, or even damaged soft tissue and muscles. A grave injury could even lead to paralysis.

A diagonal belt, with or without a lap belt, can often leave abrasions along your neck, chest, and abdomen, all which can cause lasting pain. They could also mean underlying internal injuries. In a rear-end accident, as your body is flung forward on impact with another vehicle, you can be thrown back by your harness. This snapping back and forth of your neck commonly leads to whiplash, involving severe pain, and sometimes costly therapy. A belt can also contribute to torso injury, such as a broken ribs and punctured lungs. Seat belts have also been known to harm your sternum and upper abs, and they can even contribute to head injuries.

Whatever the injury, you are likely to face a mountain of medical bills that only continues to grow. If the damage is serious enough, you could also be going without work right now, leaving you with little recourse for paying fees for treatment and physical therapy. If someone else is at fault for your suffering, be it an aggressive driver or car manufacturer, you deserve compensation. You should be covered for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and even lost wages. Searching for a lawyer for an auto accident? Contact our firm today for reliable legal help.

Personable and Professional Car Accident Lawyer

As a dedicated Farmington Hills car accident attorney at Abrahams Law, I understand that you should not have to pay for someone else's negligence. You deserve a compassionate and aggressive advocate who can win you the full settlement you are owed. I have more than 20 years' experience helping victims of car accidents win fair compensation. Not only have I achieved success in several multi-million dollar cases, but I have always served in a professional manner. I received the highest peer rating Martindale-Hubbell® offers, the AV Preeminent® rating, due to my sterling legal ability and ethical standards.

When you need a car accident lawyer you can trust, you can look to Abrahams Law. You will want to get started on your case immediately, as personal injury and wrongful death claims can expire. Fill out a free case evaluation and contact my car accident firm today!

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