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Do you have broken bones caused by a car accident?

If you have broken bones in a car accident, one of the first steps you must take is to get immediate medical attention to care for your injuries. After treatment, I strongly advise you contact my firm and schedule to meet with a car accident lawyer. You will be far more likely to recover fair and just compensation for your injuries if you have an experienced lawyer advocating on your behalf. My firm and I have received numerous awards and recognitions for our personalized service, ethical standards and consistent results. I have more than 20 years' experience practicing personal injury law and have recovered millions of dollars for the victims of car accidents and other personal injury accidents.

Car Accident Injury Statistics

Statistics published by the Michigan State Police for 2012 show that there were 273,891 vehicle-related accidents in the state, resulting in 70,518 people experiencing some kind of injury and 936 being fatally wounded. After bumps, cuts and bruises, broken bones are one of the most often seen car accident injuries. Due to the powerful force generated upon impact in a car accident, it is not surprising that accident victims suffer serious fractures.

In some cases, a broken bone can be easily mended and will only require a period of a few months for resolution. There are situations, when a bone has numerous breaks or fractures that may require the victim to undergo a series of surgeries and/or be in need of extensive rehabilitative therapy to regain basic mobility. Should the impact have been too severe, the victim could experience paralysis or permanent loss ability in the limb due to the break.

Car Accident Attorney Serving Michigan

Not all insurance companies give proper recognition to victims who have sustained broken bones as a result of a car accident. Most insurance companies consider these types of injuries to be relatively minor. I know differently. I know that broken bones are capable of causing long-lasting damage, are prone to developing serious infections and could lead to ongoing pain and discomfort. I will not back down and always pursue the maximum possible in compensation. Contact my firm today so I can review your case and determine the value of your claim, and how to proceed.

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